Our Instagram Project

Isn’t it better to have real pictures? They don’t look the same on the screen of your phone. I love instagram, because the photos look cool when you use a nice filter. Sometimes I don’t even use instagram’s filters, and they still look awesome. Last week I went to k-mart to get my photos printed, and I spent 3.75$ for 25 prints. I’m loving our little instagram project!



  1. Oh my gosh this is an awesome idea! I didn’t even think to print my instagram photos. I love, love, love it! Are those pegs glued to your wall by the way?! Can’t see any string…

  2. xnc lkxznclknsd said:

    how do u get them printed

    • Hi there!

      Open a white background document in photo shop, and place the photo like a polaroid shot. :)

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