studio makeland

studio makeland

studio makeland

studio makeland

studio makelandstudio makelandstudio makelandstudio makelandstudio makelandstudio makeland

studio makelandstudio makelandstudio makeland studio makeland studio makeland studio makeland

studio makelandstudio makelandFinding a studio wasn’t an easy task. It takes a while when you want to do things right, I guess. Thanks to my friend Jordyn, from Boomerang bags, I found it, and I cannot explain how thankful I am to her and to all the people from boomerang bags.

Let the good times roll.

Welcome to the Studio! 

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 10.16.33 am “Crafting and creating for kids is a positive way to open a space for little people to explore and mold great personalities and minds. It is also a way to empower the unique ideas and traits in forming individuals. So, let’s have fun in the journey of empowering the little ones to find their greatest potential….” Studio Makeland is coming soon. Stay tuned. :)


Este es mi primer post en español. A partir de ahora se conseguirán de vez en cuando con uno así.

Después de más de 6 meses sin actualizar el blog, decidí retomarlo nuevamente. Vuelvo con nuevos proyectos y muchas cosas para compartir.

Estas vacaciones en Chile fueron sencillamente perfectas. Muchas cosas lindas pasaron, desde compartir a diario con la familia hasta crear lazos de amistad con gente espectacular . Valparaíso es un sueño, una explosión de colores. Lolita disfrutó hasta mas no poder. Qué bonito es el Sur!


These were our first family photos taken by my dear friend Vicky (you know vicky, the kick-ass photographer/artist who also happens to be Lola’s godmother, so she is officially part of my family now) I’m seriously thinking about covering all the walls of our house with these pictures. Photos by Victoria Aguirre 



lolalatelylatelylatelylatelylatelylatelylolalolalatelylatelydaisodaisodaisofathers day

1) Lolita has grown so fast…

2,3,4,5) Ruben is 30. Yes. He is 30 and he’s a daddy now.

6,7,8,9) Loving my family to the moon and back.

10) Will be turning 30 very soon… Somebody needs to start doing something about those wrinkles.

11,12,13,14) new goodies :) Some of them from Daiso. I love Daiso.

15) Venezuelan father’s day.

love ♥


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSay hello to Lola Paula Cardenas Mejias! She was born on the 16th of february and since then, our lives have been pure joy (except for the first 4 weeks when we didn’t know sh#t about babies…) (not that we know much now)

Baby Lola is still adapting to this world. Not an easy task but she’s doing great.

I love her more than all the stars in the sky. ♥

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