These were our first family photos taken by my dear friend Vicky (you know vicky, the kick-ass photographer/artist who also happens to be Lola’s godmother, so she is officially part of my family now)
I’m seriously thinking about covering all the walls of our house with these pictures.
Photos by Victoria Aguirre 



lolalatelylatelylatelylatelylatelylatelylolalolalatelylatelydaisodaisodaisofathers day

1) Lolita has grown so fast…

2,3,4,5) Ruben is 30. Yes. He is 30 and he’s a daddy now.

6,7,8,9) Loving my family to the moon and back.

10) Will be turning 30 very soon… Somebody needs to start doing something about those wrinkles.

11,12,13,14) new goodies :) Some of them from Daiso. I love Daiso.

15) Venezuelan father’s day.

love ♥


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSay hello to Lola Paula Cardenas Mejias! She was born on the 16th of february and since then, our lives have been pure joy (except for the first 4 weeks when we didn’t know sh#t about babies…) (not that we know much now)

Baby Lola is still adapting to this world. Not an easy task but she’s doing great.

I love her more than all the stars in the sky. ♥

lola cardenaslola cardenaslola cardenaslola cardenaslola cardenaslola cardenaslola cardenaslola cardenas



pampa little thingsPampa has recently launched a new addition to their collection: “The little things”

From mini llamas to hanging tassels and beautiful pom poms, one thing more beautiful than the other.

pampa little things pampa little things pampa little things pampa little things pampa little things pampa little thingspampa little things pampa little thingslove ♥



party favoursparty favoursparty favoursparty favoursLast Saturday, Ruben and I hosted a “coming soon” party for baby Lola. We had fun and Lola got a lot of lovely presents from all of our friends.

At first I did not know what to make for favours and I ended up making these plant pots. They’re very easy to make, all you need is acrylic paint and red clay plant pots.



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